Stereo Microscope

Stereo Microscope
Stereo Microscope
Product Description
To observe the microscopic object like plant cell, animal cell etc. Uses two lenses to make thing s look larger.
  • Type: magnification.
  • Objectives : 1 X - 2X, 1X-3X or 2X-4X; turret.
  • Eyepieces : Wide field HWF 10X; optionally 15X, 20X All eyepieces accept 25mm diameter eyepiece graticules.
  • Magnification Full range of magnifications 10X to 80X
  • Stages Interchangeable clear and black/white.
  • Working Distance 61 to 106mm
  • Optical System Erect un-reversed image, convergent angle 120, interpupillary, adjustable from 55 to 5mm, diopter adjusment by left eyepiece tube.
  • Binocular Tube 361 rotatable, inclined 45
  • Focusing Coarse focusing with rack and pinion control.
  • Illumination Deal Illumination built-in, dual illumination system providing both incident and transmitted light independently or simultaneously. in-base transformer provides low voltage, high intensity illumination
  • Certification ISO/IEC product certificate
  • Power supply 220V/501-17.
  • Documentation Installation and operation manual
  • General Features : Durable. Comfortable and Easy to Ilse Versatility for many Applications. large fields of view
  • warranty One year.


  • Stereo microscope with complete system for incident or oblique illumination,
  • Comprise: x 10 WF eye pieces plus eye guards,
  • A stand with black/white reversible plate and stage clips together pre focus illuminator,
  • Comprising head linkages and variable power supply.
  • Head Monocular
  • Stage plain stage with fixed condenser holder
  • Eye piece 10 x wide field
  • Objectives 4 x 10 x 40
  • Condenser 2 lence flip top
  • Illumination 6V, 10W, plus mirror unit
  • Dimension 194 x 220 360 mm

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