Steam Jet Refrigeration Trainer

Steam Jet Refrigeration Trainer
Steam Jet Refrigeration Trainer
Product Description
Steam Jet Refrigeration Trainer

The Steam Jet Refrigeration System utilizes a steam ejector/eductor to create vacuum in the
evaporative glass container. Student is able to visualize the inside of the evaporator to gain more
understanding of the physics and thermodynamics properties of the cooling media. Two
refrigeration circuits are used in the system, the first circuit is a refrigeration cycle to produce
cooling effect and the second circuit (steam cycle) is generating motive steam.The trainer uses an
electric boiler system to create the steam cycle required to operate . The pressure of the steam
Generator Tank is controlled by pressure control circuit. By changing the motive gas pressure the
student is able to see the effect of changing motive gas pressure to eductor performance. Inlet,
and Outlet of the ports are connected to pressure gauges to monitor the pressure of each port. A
needle valve also provided to do variation on the suction volume which will influence the time
required to get such value of cooling effect. The refrigerant in the evaporator (flooded type)
absorbs the ambient heat or the heat form the load heater and evaporates. The final temperature of the evaporator depends on how much vacuum can
be created by the. A pump is used to transport the refrigerant from the condenser back to the steam generator. A water jacket tank with electric heater
heated the tank and change the refrigerant into steam which drives the. Pressure and temperature of various points are monitored and analyzed to get
the conclusion.

Objectives of Steam Jet Refrigeration Trainer

Understanding the basic principals and components of steam jet refrigeration system
Understanding Steam Jet Eductor Performance with Variable Primary motive Pressure.
Understanding performance of the refrigeration circuit and the performance under load effect.
Understanding Effect Of Varying Condenser Water Flow rate To The Evaporator Temperature
Energy balance and thermodynamic cycle in steam jet refrigeration.
Perform Evacuating and Charging Procedure for the system.

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