Reaction Turbine

Reaction Turbine
Reaction Turbine
Product Description
Reaction turbine demonstration unit, designed for operation in conjunction with the Turbine Service Unit. The turbine unit is placed on the Turbine Service Unit and supplied with water by the service unit. The turbine housing is made of Plexiglass so that the emerging water jet that drives rotor using the reaction principle can be observed unhindered. A braking device is fitted to the impeller shaft of the turbine, the braking device is in the form of a band brake using which the load and moment on the turbine shaft can be measured with an electronic dynamometer. A proximity switch measures the rotational speed of the turbine. The following accessories are required for operation: an Interface Module, Data Acquisition Card with Software and Connecting Cables .
  • The unit perform the following experiments and investigations:
  • Learning Objectives / Experiments
  • Familiarisation with the design and function of an impulse turbine
  • Determination of torque, power and efficiency
  • Graphical representation of characteristic curves for torque, power and efficiency
  • Investigation of a compressed air driven radial reaction turbine
  • Transparent housing for observing the operating area [
  • Rotor with 4 outlet nozzles
  • Application of load to the turbine by means of a band brake
  • Setting of the primary pressure with the pressure reducing valve
  • Valve and flow meter for setting the flow
  • Solenoid valve as a safety device to prevent over speed
  • determination of the torque on the turbine shaft using a force sensor
  • Measurement of the turbine speed with an optical speed sensor
  • Manometer for displaying the pressure on the inlet and outlet side
  • Digital display of speed, torque and temperature
Technical Data:
  • Reaction turbine
  • Max. power: 20W at 19000min
  • 1 Rotor - diameter: 55mm
  • 4 outlet nozzles; diameter: 1,5mm
Measuring ranges:
  • Temperature: -20...1100°C
  • Speed: 0...30000min-1
  • Torque: 0...10Ncm
  • Flow rate: 25...315L/min
  • Inlet pressure: 0...2,5bar
  • Outlet pressure: 0...0,1bar
  • Primary pressure: 0...10bar
  • Dimensions and Weight
  • LxWxH: 860 x 360 x 750mm
  • Weight: approx. 45kg
  • Demonstration model of a reaction turbine
  • Transparent turbine housing
  • Measured data acquisition using electronic sensors
  • Processing of measured data on a PC
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