Radiant Transfer Experiment Unit

Radiant Transfer Experiment Unit
Radiant Transfer Experiment Unit
Product Description


  • A self-contained bench-top unit to demonstrate the laws of radiant transfer. 
  • Uses a safe, low-voltage heat source and thermopile (heat flux sensor) for radiant heat transfer experiments.
  • Includes plates of different heat absorption properties and apertures for extra experiments in heat transfer Uses a safe, low-voltage 'integrating sphere' light source and lux meter (light meter) for light transfer experiments. 
  • Includes different optical filters for extra experiments in light transfer. 
  • heat source uses a variable low-voltage electric heater on a flat plate, creating a black body heat source of variable temperature. 
  • A thermocouple measures the heat source temperature. 
  • A moveable thermopile measures the heat radiation from the heat source at varying distances. 
  • Showing radiation is inversely proportional to distance squared. 
  • Stefan-Boltzmann Law. 
  • Kirchhoff's Law. 
  • Area Factor.
  • Showing that radiation transfix depends on the exposed area of the radiant source.


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