Planck's Constant Experiment

Planck's Constant Experiment
Planck's Constant Experiment
Product Description

Planck's Constant Experiment


Planck's Constant is used to demonstrate photoelectric effect and calculate Plancks constant according to Einsteins equation of photoelectric effect. It is a cost-effective teaching apparatus for physics laboratories at colleges and universities. 

Specification of  Planck's Constant Experiment


  • Cut-off wavelengths of color filters: Red-635 nm,Orange-570 nm, yellow-540 nm, Green-500 nm, Blue 460 nm.
  • Light source: 12 V/35 W Halogen Tungsten lamp.
  • Sensor: vacuum photo tube.
  • Dark-current: less than 0.003 A.
  • Precision of accelerating voltage: less than 2%.
  • Measurement error: approximately 10% as compared with literature value. 



  • Inbuilt power supply & photocell.
  • Different types of filters and LED.
  • Different types of wave length of all filters and LED.





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