Physics Lab Kit

Physics Lab Kit
Physics Lab Kit
Product Description
Physics Lab Kit
We have been offering a wide range of higher science education physics lab kit which is customized as per the specifications of our clients. These physics lab kit is a combination of sophisticated technology and streamlined production process and include
  • Kerr Effect Experiment Kit
  • Newton's Ring Experiment Kit
  • Fresnel Bi prism Experiment Kit
  • Spectroscopy Experiment Kit
  • Michelson Interferometer
  • Electronic Plug-In Kit
  • Advanced Polarimeter Experiment Kit
  • Milikan Oil Drop Experiment
  • Measurement of Basic constants length, weight ,time
  • Modulus of Elasticity Hooks Law
  • Mathematical Pendulum
  • Moments of Inertia of different Bodies/Strainer's Theorem
  • Measuring the Velocity of Light
  • Law of Lenses and optical Instruments
  • Newton's Ring
  • Michelson Interferometer
  • Photometric Law of Distance
  • Lamberts Law
  • Polarimetry
  • Thermal Expansion in Solid and Liquids Heat Capacity of Gases
  • Joule Thomson effect of Metals
  • Heat capacity of Metals
  • Solar Ray Collector
  • Electricity measurement of Low Resistance
  • Wheatstone Bridge
  • Internal Resistance and Matching in Voltage Source
  • Faraday Law
  • Electrical Field and Potentials in the plate capacitor
  • Charging Curve of a Capacitor
  • Dielectric constant of different Material
  • Earth's Magnetic Field
  • Magnetic Field of Signal Coils /Biot- Savart Law
  • Moment of inertia and angular acceleration
  • Mechanical conservation of energy/ Maxwell wheel
  • Reversible Pendulum
  • Torsional vibrations and torsion modulus
  • Moment of Inertia and Tensional Vibrations
  • Density of Liquids
  • Dispersion and Resolving power of the prism and grating spectroscope.
  • Inter Fresnel of light
  • Fresnel
  • Zone Construction /Zone Plate Modus Law
  • Faraday effect
  • Mechanical of heat equipment
  • Measurement of small resistance
  • Internal resistance and matching in voltage source
  • Semiconductor thermo generator
  • Faraday Law
  • Capacitance of metal spheres and of a spherical capacitor
  • Magnetic field of single coils/ biot-savart Law Magnetic field out sides & Straight conductor
  • Earth Magnetic field
  • Transformers
  • RLC Measuring Bridge
  • Resistance, phase shift and power in AC Circuits
  • Fine Structure, One Electron and Two electron spectra
  • Rectifier Circuits.
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