Pelton Turbine

Pelton Turbine
Pelton Turbine
Product Description

Specification of Pelton Turbine :


  • The structure easily installed in the basic hydraulic bench.
  • The unit composed of a small size Pelton turbine.
  • Be made of stainless steel.
  • Transparent plexiglass cover for flow visualization.
  • Develop a power of about 10W.
  • A bourdon type manometer (range 02.5bar) measure the inlet pressure.
  • A portable digital tachometer allow the speed measurement.
  • Two dynamometers should allow the torque measurement and, Easy to functionality.
  • Sturdy construction.
  • Negligible maintenance.


The following characteristics:


  • Spring type dynamometer.
  • Range 010N with 0.1N division.
  • Pipe of 110mm dia with venturi meter.
  • Pelton Wheel: 300 mm Diameter with 18 Buckets.
  • Sump tank capacity: 200 liters High Grade Plastic.
  • Flow rate measurement: Orifice meter with Burdon type pressure gauge.
  • Pump : Monoblock type, 4 litre/sec, Head 20 mtrs; Motor 5 HP.
  • Piping with necessary Valves and Fittings.
  • Digital RPM Indicator.
  • Detailed Technical Manual and On-site Training.


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