Operating Principle of Pelton Turbine

Operating Principle of Pelton Turbine
Operating Principle of Pelton Turbine
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Operating Principle of Pelton Turbine

  • Water turbines are turbomachines utilising water power. The Pelton turbine is part of the free-jet turbines resp. impulse turbines which convert the pressure energy of water into kinetic energy entirely in the control device. During the conversion, the water jet is accelerated in a nozzle and directed onto the vanes of the Pelton wheel tangential. The water jet is redirected by approximately 180 in the vanes. The impulse of the water jet is transmitted to the Pelton wheel.
  • The experimental unit consists of the Pelton wheel, a needle nozzle used as control device, a band brake for loading the turbine and a housing with a transparent front panel. The transparent cover enables you to observe the water flow, the wheel and the nozzle during operation. You can modify the nozzle cross-section and thus the flow rate by adjusting the nozzle needle.
  •  The structure easily installed in the basic hydraulic bench.
  •  The unit composed of a small size Pelton turbine.
  •  Be made of stainless steel.
  •  Transparent plexiglass cover for flow visualization.
  •  Develop a power of about 10W.
  •  A bourdon type manometer (range 02.5bar) measure the inlet pressure.
  •  A portable digital tachometer allow the speed measurement.
  •  Two dynamometers should allow the torque measurement and.
  •  Easy to functionality.
  •  Sturdy construction.
  •  Negligible maintenance.

The following characteristics:

  •  Spring type dynamometer.
  •  Range 0F10N with 0.1N division.
  •  Pipe of 110mm dia with venturi meter.
  •  Pelton Wheel: 300 mm Diameter with 18 Buckets.
  • Sump tank capacity: 200 liters High Grade Plastic.
  • Flow rate measurement: Orifice meter with Burdon type pressure gauge.
  • Pump : Monoblock type, 4 litre/sec, Head 20 mtrs; Motor 5 HP.
  • Piping with necessary Valves and Fittings.
  • Digital RPM Indicator.
  • Detailed Technical Manual and On-site Training.
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