Liquid Chromatography Mass Spectrophotometer

Liquid Chromatography Mass Spectrophotometer
Liquid Chromatography Mass Spectrophotometer
Product Description
  • Application / Type For Analysis of Pesticide residues, Bench top software control integrated high sensitivity with ESI and APCI probes
  • Solvent Delivery Module 01 number
  • Type Quaternary Gradient
  • Operating Pressure 5800psi
  • Flow rate Upton to 10 ml/minute
  • Flow rate precision 0.1%RSD
  • Degasser Online / Built in
  • Accessories As per Manufacturers standard Including installation /fitting kit And compatible on line Solvent Degasser and manual injector (20  loop)
  • Spares Piston/plunger seal, piston/plunger Seal replacement kit, piston /plunger for pump, prime drain valve inlet and outlet check valve, solvent bottles and Tray in line filter and injector seal.
  • Column Oven/ heater 01 number
  • Temperature range up to 80C or better
  • Temperature accuracy 1.0C
  • Auto Injector/sampler with samples Tray
  • Sample Capacity (min) 100 vials (min)X ( 1.5ml / 2.0 mL)
  • Sample injection volume 0.1   to 90 l (standard) or better
  • Injection volume precision 0.25 % RSD
  • Mass Spectrometric Detector 01 number
  • Type True Tandem mass spectroscopy system must have thermal focusing beam collimation
  • Mass range Upton 2250 m/z
  • MRM Sensitivity: Signal-to- Noise ratio (S/N) ESI positive 1 pg of reserpine injected on column, 4quantifying on the transition m/z 609 to 195 S/N > 6000:1 Noise 1 RMS. ESI negative 1 pg of chloramphenicol injected on column, quantifying on the transition m/z 321 to 152 S/N > 2,000:1 Noise 1 RMS
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