Kaplan Turbine Trainer

Kaplan Turbine Trainer
Kaplan Turbine Trainer
Product Description


  • The unit is used to investigate the characteristic behavior of a simple-regulated Kaplan turbine during operation.
  • The trainer is provided with a closed water circuit with tank, submersible pump and throttle valve tbr adjusting the flow rate. 
  • The angle of attack of the rotor, and thus the power output of the turbine, is changed by adjusting the guide vanes. 
  • The turbine is loaded with a wear-free eddy current brake.
  • The speed is captured by means of an inductive, non-contact position sensor at the turbine shaft. 
  • For determining the turbine power, the eddy current brake is equipped with a force sensor for torque measurement. 
  • The pressures at the inlet and outlet of the turbine, the temperature and the flow rate are recorded with sensors. 
  • The recorded measured values are displayed digitally and processed further in a PC. 
  • The PC is used to calculate the power output data of complete with all required accessories.
  • The examined turbine and to represent them in characteristic curves. 
Kaplan turbine 
  • output: about 1000 W
  • speed: about 3700  min-1 
  • distributor 8 guide vanes, 
  • 4 blades,
  • Adjustable: -15 deg....45 deg. rotor
  • fixed external : 120 mm,
  • internal : 60 mm, 
  • pitch: 80 mm

Pump with motor 

  • flow rate: about 250m3/h
  • pump head: about 10m 
  • nominal power: about 3 kW 
  • Software for data acquisition and PC with Windows 230V, 60Hz, 3 
  • Complete with all required accessories.


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