Hydraulic Turbo Machines with Peloton Turbine

Hydraulic Turbo Machines with Peloton Turbine
Hydraulic Turbo Machines with Peloton Turbine
Product Description


The unit is a closed water circuit comprises a tank, a standard centrifugal pump with variable speed and a flow control valve to adjust the back pressure. The speed is detected contact-free by means of an inductive displacement sensor on the motor shaft. To determine the drive power, the drive motor is mounted on swivel bearings and equipped with a force sensor to measure the drive torque. Pressures at the inlet and outlet of the pump are measured. The flow rate is measured by means of an electromagnetic flow meter. The measured values are displayed digitally and processed further on a PC. The PC is used to calculate the power output data of the examined turbo machine and to represent them in characteristics. Pelton Turbine placed on top of the storage tank. The centrifugal pump supplies the turbine with water. 

  • Determining characteristic variables of a centrifugal pump determining characteristic variables of water turbines together with the accessories.
  • Standard centrifugal pump ( head: 24m) - flow rate: 31m3/h - Drive motor with variable speed 
  • Power output: 2kW Pelton turbine is a type of free-jet resp. impulse turbine which converts the pressure energy of water into kinetic energy entirely in the distributor. 
  • 230V, 60Hz, 1 phase software for data acquisition and PC with Windows 
  • Complete with all required accessories.


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