General Cycle Refrigeration Trainer

General Cycle Refrigeration Trainer
General Cycle Refrigeration Trainer
Product Description


Edutek are offering a Engineering General cycle refrigeration trainer with data acquisition system.

This trainer introduces the student to the basics of refrigeration system used in
refrigerator and air conditioning. Students learn about practical knowledge of
vapor-compression refrigeration cycle operation. The trainer contains the basic
components found in many refrigeration and air conditioning systems. These
components have been mounted onto a special frame and are clearly laid out and
identified for student examination. During operation, studies of pressure enthalpy (ph)
diagram concerning the thermodynamics cycle of refrigeration or air conditioning
system can be made. A number of special controls meters and transparent view ports
have been provided in order to setup and monitor a variety of experiments.

Objectives of Refrigeration Trainer
  •  Familiarization and operational functions of refrigeration circuit components.
  •  Evacuating and charging refrigeration system
  •  Measurement of refrigerant pressures, temperatures and flow rate.
  •  Observation of thermostatic expansion valve and capillary tubes performance.
  •  Understanding and plotting thermodynamic cycle in pressure-enthalpy diagram
  •  Calculate the refrigeration capacity from the p-h diagram
  •  Calculate the coefficient of performance
  •  Calculate the efficiency of the compressor
  •  Thermostatic valve superheat
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