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Specifications of Epidiascope 

It is an indispensable visual aid for the teacher or lecturer and is today the most popular equipment of its kind in use in colleges, universities, laboratories, training and research centres. It is a gem of Indian craftsmanship fabricated with multipurpose equipment serving as an episcope, lantern slide projector and filmstrip slide projector.
As an Episcope : It projects books, pictures maps, diagram, stamps coins and other solid objects. Books and other objects are placed from where an area of 61/4" x 61/4" is evenly illuminated and projected over to the screen. Object of much large size like maps end charts can be projected in stage of 6 1/4" x 6 1/4". 

As a Slide Projector : Instantaneous change-over from episcopic projection to diascopic projection by just turning a lever mounted to the right hand side, size of slides 3 1/4" x 3 1/4"; 2" x 2" can be shown with the diascopic attachment fitted with anastigmatic lens. 

As a filmstrip Projector : Quick-change over from slide adpter to filmstrip adapter by just loosening a screw on the lens adapter 35mm single double frame filmstrips and 3" x 1" microslide are projected with this attachment fitted with lens (4" 100mm).

Although fabricated with multipurpose equipment it is simple to operate, easy to clean and gives clear sharp focus. 

Cooling System : AC Motor Driven Blower for exhaustion of heat. 

All these factors results in absolute comfort for the operator and immunity from damage for projected material without tremendous light output

Epidiascope 1000W/240V lamp, surface coated reflecting mirror with noiseless colling system is also available
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