Computer Control Continuous Distillation Unit

Computer Control Continuous Distillation Unit
Computer Control Continuous Distillation Unit
Product Description


The unit investigates the principles that rule the mass and energy transference, as well as determine optima operation point to carry out a big quantity of separations. 

This unit is basically composed by a boiler on which two types of columns adapted (plate columns and Raschig rings column), a reflux system, a tank for distillation, a vacuum pump and a feeding pump (for continuous feeding). 

The steam that goes to the head of the column is sent to a total condenser. 

The cooling water flow that crosses the condenser is regulated and indicated in a flow sensor. 

Distillation carried out at low pressures with the help of an adjustable vacuum pump. 

Pressure loss in the column measured with a pressure sensor. 

Measuring ranges:

  • temperature: 16 x 0...150C 
  • reflux ratio: 0...100A 
  • heating power 0...4kW 
  • column differential pressure: 0...250 mbar 
  • cooling water flow rate: 30...3201/h 
  • system pressure gauge: -1...0,6bar 
  • 230V, 6011, 3 phases 
  • complete with all required accessories. 


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